General Monhegan Island Day Trip Info

Monhegan Island Balmy Days CruisesMonhegan Island, 12 miles out to sea, is unique among the best places to visit in Maine. Having successfully resisted modern development, this small island, just ¾ mile wide and 1½ miles long, is a haven for those seeking beauty, quiet, and relaxation. The several inns and art galleries, lighthouse and museum, are definitely worth a visit. Monhegan Island attracts visitors from all over the world who want to paint, photograph, look for migrating birds, rare wildflowers, sea life (whales and seals), and who just want to escape for a few hours or days from their busy lives.

Experience the natural beauty of this special island:

Monhegan Island Balmy Days Cruises
  • Hike the scenic trails along the shore and through the woods
  • Browse the art galleries, lighthouse museum, craft shop
  • Picnic on the rocks or dine at an Inn overlooking the Harbor
  • Relax on your own sunny rock overlooking the ocean
  • Look for whales and seals, migrating birds, wildflowers

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